Stylish, vintage travel humidor for my cigars

A few years ago I purchased a travel humidor for my cigars. I have, frankly, never been really happy with it. It works well, but it looks like a mini hard shell suitcase! On the positive side my cigars have never been damaged! On the negative side it only can hold 5 cigars. So, on a long trip it is simply not big enough, and moreover if I manage to buy some cigars whilst on the trip it does not have enough capacity to store those new cigars (which means there is the danger of them being damaged or dried out before I arrive back home).IMG_1832IMG_1833

I have been wondering if it is possible to travel with greater style with my cigars. 

I recently found what, at this early stage, may be the solution. On Amazon (of all places) I discovered a cedar humidor, but much smaller than my home humidor. It is only 2 inches deep and 8 inches long, with a kind of magnetic ability within the lid, which keeps a perfect seal. Yes, it is slightly larger than my suitcase humidor, but it is far more stylish!



As you can see from the photograph it can contain a greater number of cigars of varying sizes.

I accept it may become somewhat ‘bashed around’ during my many travels, but, firstly, the cigars will still be safe, and secondly surely that just lends it some patina of individualism? 

What really excites me if the thought of being in my hotel, unpacking my luggage and knowing I will have that little extra taste of home with me. Along with my aged travelling flask for my single malt whisky I will be set. Images of Jeeves (Bertie Wooster’s valet) or Bunter (Lord Peter Wimsey’s valet) carefully unpacking and then offering a restorative ‘gargle’ and cigar come to mind – what a lovely thought!

I will keep you posted on its travels!

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