About me

Welcome to my blog, a growing and evolving collection of my thoughts, ideas, experiences and suggestions on the work and lifestyle of a CEO working in the not-for-profit sector.


My inspiration for this blog comes from two sources: Firstly, I have found being a CEO it can be difficult to find online resources to support me simply because ‘one size’ of CEO does not necessary fit all – for example there are many differences to being a corporate CEO to a charity CEO, as there are differences between a charity CEO and not-for-profit CEO. Whilst some similarities in leadership and finances are extant in all CEO roles, I am more interested in identifying and exploring the unique aspects of not-for-profit life.


Secondly, and perhaps more light heartedly, I am always interested in lifestyle issues which impact my generation (middle aged men). Many of these are inevitably linked to my career such as travel (UK and international), volunteering, health and fitness and even choice of appropriate clothing (for example selecting clothes/building a wardrobe which is both ‘age appropriate’ and matches my lifestyle and the challenge of doing so in a world seemingly obsessed with ‘dressing down’ to a level past generations would have called slovenly!). I am also something of a traditionalist, believing in ‘old-world’ manners and civility being desperately needed in today’s unnecessarily hectic world.


I have decided to chart my journey in this blog – I hope it helps you, and I would ask in return you respect my views and opinions. That said, I welcome feedback from those of you sharing a similar journey.