My First Podcast

The Right Honourable David Curry, Chief Editor of The Parliamentary Review, recently approached me and asked if I would be willing to take part in a Podcast. I have never been on a Podcast, so I readily accepted this new and exciting challenge.
David explained the podcast is part of a nationwide effort to chronicle the realities of British leadership as we begin the third decade of this century and would be organised by The Leader’s Council. My episode would include an interview with a key leader from the world of sport, Sir Geoff Hurst (my boyhood hero from the World Cup of 1966). Could this get any better?
David asked me to be prepared to discuss the importance of good leadership in generating a successful business, service or product, as well as outlining the most notable achievements of my career to date. This is all about, he explained, hearing genuinely unique voices from across the country. Individually, each episode of the Podcast is an informative and interesting conversation. Collectively, they will reveal what leadership means in Britain today.
You can listen to the Podcast on You Tube here:

And on Spotify here:
My profile is here:

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